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Olan Rogers is one of the three members of the YouTube channel "BalloonShop". He was born in Collierville, Tennessee on June 11, 1987. He is in most of the BalloonShop films. He also has his own YouTube channel called "olanrogers". Since BalloonShop separated, Olan has directed most of his attention at his personal channel, where he often posts vlogs and short films. His most viewed video is "Ghost in the Stalls," which is a video of him telling a story about his experience in a Target restroom. Olan's latest series he finished was the "New Prime" series, which is set in the future with a brilliant combination of action and comedy. Ever since Balloonshop split up, Olan's channel has been the most successful.

In 2018, the animated television series Final Space, created by Olan, premiered on TBS.


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